Dewberry Fire and Rescue has a 3-bay hall for fire services. It possesses a Pumper truck, Tanker Truck and and 2 Rescue Units.

The Dewberry Fire and Rescue Department normally responds to calls within an area from Township Road 523 to the south, to the western boundary of the County, to the northern boundary of the County following the North Saskatchewan River to Lea Park and following the Vermilion River to Range Road 40 to the east.

This area is shared between the Clandonald Fire Department and the Dewberry Fire and Rescue Department; but they will respond to calls within the rest of the County if called upon.

Dewberry Fire and Rescue has 15 volunteer members and is currently recruiting. If you are interested in joining the Dewberry Fire and Rescue in any capacity, you can contact us via email or phone 780-847-2600.